Lucky Wright


Lieutenant Wright of the 404th Fighter Group shows off flak damage to his P-47 Thunderbolt at an airfield in Belgium in October, 1944.

‘Lt “Lucky” Edwin Wright, just over 19 years old had just returned from his 39th mission, over Munster. He got hit by flak but continued on his way. He dropped his bombs, did some strafing, then returned. After engine shutdown he found a 8 inch diameter hole through the 11 inch wide prop blade, caused by a direct hit from an ‘ack ack’ shell. If the shell had been an inch and a half to either side the blade would have severed and he would have gone down. This was the 6th time that Wright had been hit by flak and was from then on known as “Lucky Wright”. He ended up flying 39 missions over a period of just over five months.

Edwin flew a total of 88 missions in P-47 Thunderbolts over Europe during WWII. He left the Army in '46 after the war and was called up again for the Korean Conflict in 1950. He retired from the Air Force as a Major. Edwin Wright passed away in 1959 from lung cancer at age 34.

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