It's Good to Be Back

Let's see, my last post was ten days ago. I had to step away from the blog for a while so I could get a few things sorted...

So ten days ago I tried and tried to make an improvement to the server (I can't leave well enough alone, can I) but I just couldn't make it work (call me FIFI). I asked for some help from the internets and to do so I had to 'open my kimono' just a bit. The exposure was enough to entice some seedy operatives to poke a few sticks at the server (more to follow) so I 'unplugged the server' until things cooled off. I'll continue to try but in the meantime I'll keep posting.

While getting everything back on line I realized that I had no idea what my passwords were for administering the blog (call me FIFI). The sketchy documentation was of no help. No problem, right, I'll just ask the blog to email me a new password. That's when I realized that I hadn't configured the server to send emails because I thought I'd never use the feature (__FIFI__). So the blog couldn't email me a new password.

Configuring the server to send emails was a blast. Just kidding, it wasn't. I tried and tried and almost gave up, nuked the server from orbit, and started over but instead I stepped away from the keyboard, shut the lights off, and took the dogs for a walk. Several times.

I finally got email working (all I needed to do was add a -t switch to the end of a certain configuration parameter) and the new password issued! I immediately wrote the password backwards on a post-it note that's now taped to my forehead. That post-it and a pocket mirror is keeping my gears meshed.

Good to be back.

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