ACME and a Weather Update

In case anyone is curious (doubtful, but I need to put something straight and true on the site), the new web site security is brought to you by ACME.

06_04_19_acme_01.pngNo, not the Wiley Coyote ACME, it's the Automated Certificate Management Environment. Just like the name says, it automates the process of securing a site. ACME is more better than the first attempt at making it easy, called Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol. IMO there wasn't much simple about it.

Just so you know (now that I've been through it once) ACME is around 90% automated. The kicker is that last painful ten percent of learning what needs doing and how to do it.

Now on to the weather...

The day started bright and sunny but quickly turned dark gray and wet. There's an outside contractor at the house, he stopped by this morning long enough to get started, then he packed up and let me know the weather was scaring him away. He said, "I know what blues and reds are on the weather radar, but I don't know what yellow and purple means. And I don't want to be here to find out."

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