Sunday, July 14 2019

How To Reset A GE Smart Bulb

This looks like a good time.

Friday, July 12 2019

I Hate Those

So again I got a rude awakening last night around 3-ish. Two charlie horses, one in each calf. Doozies.

I've dealt with this before so I quickly swing into action: try to keep my outbursts to a minimum, quickly get outta bed to stand up, then stretch a bit. I got step two done. The next thing I remember was a concerned golden retriever sniffing my head in the darkness and Kim asking if I was okay. Apparently I went over.

So today I feel like I got smacked hard upside the head, cheek bone near the eyeball. No bruise but whatever broke my fall (I'm guessing a window sill) did the trick.

I hate those.

Thursday, July 11 2019

Amy McGrath

Amy wanted to be a fighter pilot from an early age.

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Sunday, July 7 2019


Ellen scattered some wildflower seeds around the corner of the back porch. They're in!



The Mississippi River

For reference, the Army Corps of Engineers at Rock Island Arsenal (in the middle of the map in this post) provides the official river height. At '15 feet' the river starts overflowing it's banks at Davenport (again, in the middle of the picture just north of Rock Island Arsenal).

Well, this spring the Mississippi set a few records here in the Quad Cities: a height record at well over 22 feet and it stayed above flood stage for over. three. months. The longest duration prior to this year was, like, 42 days or so.

The volume of water is impressive, too. At 15 feet there's 160,000 cubic feet of water going by every second (cfs). At 20 feet it's 250,000 cfs. At 22 feet it's 300,000 cfs. All that water flowing through the middle of the cities took it's toll. Davenport put up a temporary levee between the river and downtown but the river punched a hole through that and flooded parts of downtown anyway.

Long story short: I haven't been on the Mississippi this year. Some kayakers have been riding the Hennepin canal out Colona way (look close enough and you can see Colona is in the south east part of the the map). It's very nice along and in the canal and I envy them getting to do that.


The map legends are:

  • House - Our house
  • Checkered Flag - The end of the Floatzilla kayak ride.
  • Red X's - Locations to 'put in' for Floatzilla that are closed this year because they're essentially wreckage - the river chewed 'em up.
  • Green Check - A new location to 'put in' for Floatzilla this year. Boaters will have to put in and scoot across river real quick, then paddle along the edge of the Arsenal to avoid getting vacuumed into the roller dam on the west end of Arsenal Island. Everyone has to lock through the dam this year.

I put in at Campbells Island last year and it was well worth it. With the shortened trip this year and the way I've been feeling I'm most likely gonna skip Floatzilla this year. I'm sure there'll be cheers from Kim and Ellen.

An Update on 'Today's Festivities'

I'm posting this update on the day after my 'doozy day'.

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Saturday, July 6 2019

Today's Festivities

Today is probably gonna be a doozy.

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We're going to miss you, Anaya.

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Tuesday, July 2 2019

Cloud Storage

cloud storage ("klau̇d stȯr-ij") n. 1. Your stuff on someone else's computer 2. In my case it's 'my stuff on my computer'

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Thursday, June 27 2019

Navy Week

It's Navy Week this week in the Quad Cities so the Blue Angels are in town. They were rippin' overhead this morning (practicing). They took a lunch break and were back at it again after lunch. They just finished.

The puppers all announced the first house flyover, as if we couldn't hear it for ourselves.


Tuesday, June 18 2019

Mother and Daughter Flight Crew


Here's Wendy Rexon and her daughter Kelly after piloting a Delta flight from LAX to ATL on March 17, 2019

Thursday, June 6 2019

Painted Bridge


Wednesday, June 5 2019

ACME and a Weather Update

In case anyone is curious (doubtful, but I need to put something straight and true on the site), the new web site security is brought to you by ACME.

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Friday, May 31 2019

Now That's Clever

I wish I could think like this...

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Stacey Brook

Back where I grew up there's a thing called Stacey Brook that over the years was put underground so the city could grow over it.

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Thursday, May 30 2019

Speaking of Ancient Technology

Earlier this week I got a 6 AM call to fix this... "Dad, the house is warm and there's no air flowing outta the vents."

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Ancient Technology

Youngsters must wonder how their elders survived while using such ancient technology.

Youtube video of two teenagers trying to use a dial telephone.


Saturday, May 25 2019

A Trifecta (Repost)

This is a repost from Serendipity in case anyone missed it.


It's around half the cost per ounce as adult toothpaste, it has sparkles, and it tastes just like bubble gum.

Wednesday, May 22 2019


If you didn't know, Unicode is a an industry standard for handling text in most of the world's writing systems (thanks for the help, Wikipedia).

Well, Dotclear has some requirements for unicode that I wasn't familiar with so I searched the 'net for answers.

05_22_19_unicode_02.pngI found this gem during research. It looks like php has a history of not doing unicode very well.

(I'm so glad I don't have to earn a crust by writing code).

Update on 'FiFi' Malachowski


I once posted on Nicole Malachowski, the first female pilot to fly in the USAF Thunderbird Air Demonstration Squadron. Here's an update:

After flying in the Thunderbirds for two years she was stationed at the White House as a deputy chief of staff. She then commanded a fighter squadron in South Carolina for a few years before reporting to the Naval War College as a student.

She never finished that because she just couldn't. She was medically discharged due to a neurological illness. Here's a short video of Nicole describing what happened.

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