Wednesday, July 17 2019

A Cozy Place

This is a Wisteria-covered seating area at a restaurant in the Alsace region of France. The more I learn about Alsace the more I want to go there. Wine, beer, plenty of biking opportunities, and scenery and vistas for days.


Sunday, July 14 2019

How To Reset A GE Smart Bulb

This looks like a good time.

Holy Cow

I don't remember ever seeing anything as bold and crazy and as captivating as this 18 second video. I can imagine the conversation going something like this:

"I'll bet I can waterski in an airplane."

Three other pilots, "You're on!"

Waterskiing in an airplane

Friday, July 12 2019

The World's Finest Projection Equipment (UK circa 1958)

Sabrina demonstrates the worlds finest projection equipment.


Uff, that stings...


I Hate Those

So again I got a rude awakening last night around 3-ish. Two charlie horses, one in each calf. Doozies.

I've dealt with this before so I quickly swing into action: try to keep my outbursts to a minimum, quickly get outta bed to stand up, then stretch a bit. I got step two done. The next thing I remember was a concerned golden retriever sniffing my head in the darkness and Kim asking if I was okay. Apparently I went over.

So today I feel like I got smacked hard upside the head, cheek bone near the eyeball. No bruise but whatever broke my fall (I'm guessing a window sill) did the trick.

I hate those.

Thursday, July 11 2019

Amy McGrath

Amy wanted to be a fighter pilot from an early age.

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Wednesday, July 10 2019


I've finally been convinced to get the colonoscopy done. Once through I should be good for 15 years. Or something like that.

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Tuesday, July 9 2019

There's a First Time for Everything

In an aviation first, an aircraft has landed itself truly autonomously (no radio guidance from the airport).

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Sunday, July 7 2019


Ellen scattered some wildflower seeds around the corner of the back porch. They're in!



Auto Strap for Front Seat Tots (1961)


The Mississippi River

For reference, the Army Corps of Engineers at Rock Island Arsenal (in the middle of the map in this post) provides the official river height. At '15 feet' the river starts overflowing it's banks at Davenport (again, in the middle of the picture just north of Rock Island Arsenal).

Well, this spring the Mississippi set a few records here in the Quad Cities: a height record at well over 22 feet and it stayed above flood stage for over. three. months. The longest duration prior to this year was, like, 42 days or so.

The volume of water is impressive, too. At 15 feet there's 160,000 cubic feet of water going by every second (cfs). At 20 feet it's 250,000 cfs. At 22 feet it's 300,000 cfs. All that water flowing through the middle of the cities took it's toll. Davenport put up a temporary levee between the river and downtown but the river punched a hole through that and flooded parts of downtown anyway.

Long story short: I haven't been on the Mississippi this year. Some kayakers have been riding the Hennepin canal out Colona way (look close enough and you can see Colona is in the south east part of the the map). It's very nice along and in the canal and I envy them getting to do that.


The map legends are:

  • House - Our house
  • Checkered Flag - The end of the Floatzilla kayak ride.
  • Red X's - Locations to 'put in' for Floatzilla that are closed this year because they're essentially wreckage - the river chewed 'em up.
  • Green Check - A new location to 'put in' for Floatzilla this year. Boaters will have to put in and scoot across river real quick, then paddle along the edge of the Arsenal to avoid getting vacuumed into the roller dam on the west end of Arsenal Island. Everyone has to lock through the dam this year.

I put in at Campbells Island last year and it was well worth it. With the shortened trip this year and the way I've been feeling I'm most likely gonna skip Floatzilla this year. I'm sure there'll be cheers from Kim and Ellen.

Restored Rail Car (1949)

A restored interior of a late 1940s rail car.



Unbeknownst to Kim and I, Ellen stopped by a butcher shop while out and about yesterday and bought three beef bones for $5.


Lydia may have experienced something similar during her former days as an alley-walking garbage eating pupper.


This was a first for Mavis...


...and for Willa.

And since the bones made the rugs more dirtier than they were, I rolled the rug cleaner out of the closet and spent this morning cleaning rugs. Kim went upstairs to Ellen's to escape the noise while Ellen was at church and then walking along the river.


We Want Plates

Kabob bits served on nails, restaurant and date unknown.

On nails.


An Update on 'Today's Festivities'

I'm posting this update on the day after my 'doozy day'.

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Strike a Pose (1894)

Posing for a picture in her new bathing suit.


Saturday, July 6 2019

Today's Festivities

Today is probably gonna be a doozy.

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We're going to miss you, Anaya.

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The next door neighbor's mastiff escaped from their fenced backyard this bright sunny Saturday morning.

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