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Sun, Nov 28 -

I still feel like crap. We need groceries so I may have to leave the house to get those. Kim has 11 sales to package and ship today. Yesterday it was four.

2022/11/28 09:30 · john · 0 Comments

Sun, Nov 27 - Baking Bread

Who knew?

Baking bread

2022/11/27 16:33 · john · 0 Comments

Sun, Nov 27 - Cold

I forgot to mention that I caught a cold the middle of last week, I got it from 4-year-old Aniyah (sp). She had been staying with Ellen all week during daytime because she had a cold and her regular day care doesn't accept children that aren't feeling well. Ellen is the backup.

So I did the brake bleed on Thanksgiving with early cold symptoms which became fully involved Thursday night. So Fri, Sat, and Sunday were down days for me, feeling very crappy. I have a few more outside things to do before cold weather sets in again, the forecast is for Monday and Tuesday to be warm enough to do them which I will no matter how I'm feeling.

On Friday a neighbor called needing help to shuttle around a couple refrigerators. I went over there and did that. On Saturday around 7:30 PM another neighbor called, a package he had ordered was delivered to the wrong address and could I go out and fetch it? I bundled up and did so.

I watched Dead End with Humphrey Bogart (1937). I think it's a good show, four Academy Award nominations and the AFI nominated it for its Top 10 Gangster Films list.

Another show I watched was Lured (1947) starring Lucile Ball, George Sanders, Charles Coburn, and Boris Karloff. An okay show that has its moments.

2022/11/27 16:15 · john · 0 Comments

Fri, Nov 25 - Vehicle Maintenance

Here's the worst two brake pads. Surprisingly they created only a brief, barely audible squeak every once in a while which made me think they were nowhere near this bad:

Bad Brake Pads
Vehicle maintenance like this brake job is a thing I can't see myself ever doing again in this lifetime. I've always enjoyed groping around in cars as an occasional thing but those days are behind me.

  • Dropping the transmission out of a front wheel drive sedan so I could replace the rear main seal
  • Pulling everything off the front of an engine in a front wheel drive sedan so I could replace the front main seal
  • Replacing the clutch, pressure plate, throwout bearing and getting the flywheel turned on a different front wheel drive sedan
  • Replacing one drive axle and rebuilding both constant velocity joints on the other drive axle on a front wheel drive sedan
  • Replacing the water pump, hoses, and radiator on a front wheel drive sedan
  • Repairing the completely rusted electrical parts of a tail light assembly on a half ton pickup truck
  • Five complete brake overhauls down to the rotor calipers or drum cylinders
  • Repacked a few wheel bearings in my time (before sealed bearings became the norm)
  • Carb and points adjustments, and one minor carb rebuild (before fuel injection became the norm)
  • Replaced a whole bunch of front end suspension parts on a four door sedan

I think that's the full list of stuff I've done over the years that I consider noteworthy.

2022/11/25 22:14 · john · 0 Comments

Thu, Nov 24 - Van Brakes, Day 3

I bled the brakes which was uneventful then cleaned up the garage. Ellen had Thanksgiving dinner ready at 5. One neighbor came over, same as last year. I've lost track of movies but I can and will pull the list out of viewing history and publish an article or two about them.

Tomorrow will be another warmish day. I have shopping to do and am not looking forward to it what with it going to be Black Friday. The kids are coming over later in the day for a birthday dinner for Kyle so that should be nice.

2022/11/25 21:39 · john · 0 Comments

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