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Sun, Nov 20 - Kim's Crafty Christmas Tree

Kim just stopped by and set this small Christmas tree on the corner of the desk. Cut on a laser printer, painted, and festooned with 'Aurora Borealis' crystals, she'll be offering them for sale on her Etsy store. It spahklz just sitting there, the picture doesn't do it justice:

Christmas Tree

2022/11/20 12:15 · john · 0 Comments

Sun, Nov 20 - Looking Ahead

Looking ahead there's a warming trend in the weather next week which means I'll be doing outside stuff instead of electrical. Van brakes, one more leaf-collection effort at a neighbor's house, and I've got to find the hinges for that shed door.

2022/11/20 12:10 · john · 0 Comments

Sun, Nov 20 - Cooper's Hawk

A Cooper's Hawk stopped by this morning looking for breakfast. First one I've seen in over a year.

Cooper's Hawk

2022/11/20 12:01 · john · 0 Comments

Sat, Nov 19 - Tonight's Movies

I finished one move and watched another one all the way through.

I'd been watching The Enforcer with Humphrey Bogart in installments. New to me. Not a film noir in my opinion but an okay show to watch at least once. I haven't researched it (yet) but I wouldn't be surprised to learn that De Niro channeled Ted de Corsia's performance in this movie (wow, what a busy actor he was in the 50s and 60s) in The Untouchables.

The Enforcer
The second one was The Breaking Point. A great movie. Great acting all the way 'round, even by the kids. It was so good I couldn't set it aside even though it was getting late.

The Breaking Point
The Breaking Point

2022/11/20 11:56 · john · 0 Comments

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