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September 30 - Ron's House Ground

Late this afternoon I stopped by Ron's place (two houses down) to see how things were goin'. He had contractors on site replacing all the water lines, the water heater, and the furnace. All of it was well past retirement and had to go.

A brief poking around in his basement revealed that the electrical system was no longer grounded like it should be. See, the old galvanized pipe was being used as the grounding path for most of the distance between his main electrical panel and the water pipe entrance into the basement. Yea, the system was still grounded out at the utility pole but an in-house grounding system is still very much required.

Long story short I'll be installing a new ground setup at Ron's place tomorrow. It's not on my to-do board but it's gotta be done. I'll do the job then pin a task card on the 'completed' side of the board. Credit where credit is due.


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