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September 30 - First Reaction Videos

During my spare time I find myself occasionally watching 'first reaction' or 'first listen' music videos. I think I do this because there's nobody around here that enjoys music. Every once in a while I come across a first reaction that stands out. It sends me back to an earlier time when I'd listen to a song (or band) over and over because it was so good. Unfortunately, nobody's making music like that anymore.

Well, Kel and Rich have done a bunch of first reaction videos. Kel's response to many songs is influenced by her upgringing in a very strict religious environment and all the baggage that comes with it. She's a classically trained pianist with her share of orchestra experience.

Over time, Rich (also a musician) has drawn her out of her shell to the point where 'the devil's music' is not something to be afraid of, but embraced. One of their on-line therapy sessions occurs once she regains her composure after she experiences Silent Lucidity by Queensryche. Therapy starts with her saying “When I was a little girl…”. Good for her!

And during the first part of ELO's Mr. Blue Sky, Kel's inner child magically appears which is fun to watch. (Ahhhh, to be young again.) During the song's second ending her classical music-orchestra experience brings her to tears. Only a cold, dark-hearted person wouldn't be moved by her reactions. I listened to the entire discussion after the song to get ideas for more bands to listen to.

I also need to comment on Mr. Blue Sky. Jeff Lynne wrote, arranged, and produced the song. The Wikipedia article about it taught me a few things I didn't know. First: Bev Bevan wasn't tapping a cowbell or cymbal during the song. Second: Jeff's vocoder lyrics that close the song aren't what I always thought he was singing. Very clever, Jeff.


Dave, 2022/10/12 08:37

Kacie and I just happened to be talking about first listens (and first watches)… We love the concept but wish there would be more education to go along with the reaction. I think Kel and Rich are in a perfect position to do that but they (like all the other channels I've seen) mostly seem to ask subscribers to comment with details. We would love to manage someone's fist listen (or watch) YouTube page but our problem is that we don't know anyone that doesn't know something about music or movies. Anyway, very interesting tidbit about the ending of Mr. Blue Sky. I didn't know that either. Keep this stuff coming… I'm rivited.

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