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September 17 - Two Days Ago

Two days ago I found myself backing the van into Kevin's back yard, prepping to load up for another trip to the landfill.

By the time I was ready to roll, the van was heavier by a dozen green lawn-and-leaf bags full of his dad's clothes, one nasty window air conditioner (a major pain to dig out of the bedroom window), three large totes of detritus, and two decomposing cardboard boxes full of I don't wanna know what.

Oh. And from the back yard I pulled 15 full size asphalt shingles, a bunch of bent up aluminium roof flashing and about 20 busted up strips of that holey plastic stuff you put over the gutters to keep the leaves out. Annnnd… a dozen or so dying or dead mops and rusty gardening implements like shovels and hoes and stuff.

I was lighter by about a quart after sweating through the loadup as the air was dead calm and heu-mid!

That should be it for his bedroom 'cept for the furniture. Next Friday, weather permitting, I'm scheduled to take him across the river into Rock Island to pick up a box spring, mattress, bed frame, headboard, dresser, and mirror. I'll tow the trailer and bring plenty of tie-straps and tools. It should be an interesting day.

Oh. There's one more thing I just remembered… There's a bright red upright roll-around mechanic's tool box that needs rolled out of that bedroom and into the shed in his back yard. That's after I/Ron/we pull Ron's riding mower out of Kevin's shed in order to make enough room for the tool box. Then I'll be through with the room.

Wait. I just remembered. I said I'd build a ramp up to the bed so Charlie, Kevin's aging corgi, can get up onto the bed. Then I'll be through with the room.


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