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September 14 - Yesterday's Trike Ride

Mid-afternoon yesterday I decided on a short trike ride along the river and back. Nothin' fancy. I was bit tired but wanted to go because weather was absolutely perfect.

I mentioned to Kim that I'd be heading out for a bit and surprise, surprise. She wanted to go with.

What a fun ride. She wanted to keep going so we pedaled along the river from Davenport into Bettendorf, then through Riverdale. From there we picked up the Duck Creek Trail and headed back. Got in around 7 for a late supper and some anxious doggos. 14 miles in a couple hours.

And in those hours of riding I never once thought to take a single picture. Go figure. Next time for sure, even if I have to tack a yellow post-it to the front of the trike to remember. Whatever it takes.


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