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September 12 - Van Update

Yesterday (Sunday) I poked around in the basement until I found a piece of scrap I could use to make a makeshift shifter for the van. I found a rod about a yahd long as seen in the next picture.

I had removed that rod from an old dining room table we were scrapping. You pulled on the rod's ring in order to unlatch the two sides of the table so you could slide 'em apart and insert a leaf or two.

After cleaning it up I bent the rod into the shape you see in the next picture. The ring is resting on a mock-up of the transmission gear select lever.

Ready for testing
I carried it out to the van, popped the hood and did a test fit. It fit fine as shown in the next picture.

Nice work!
Anyone could stand there and rake the tranny through the gears easier than could be done sitting in the driver's seat.

A minute or so was all it took for Kim to get the hang of changing gears with the widget I created. With her changing gears we got the van out of the garage and into the alley. She followed me to Al's Transmission where we dropped it off.

I got a call today (Monday) at 3:30 saying the van was ready for pickup, $133 all in. Good shop.


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