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September 10 - Oh Well...

I had a busy day yesterday. Kim and I were planning on a bike-a-ride with the Tweedles first thing. But she woke up feeling a bit under the weather so I harnessed the team and drove them to the botanical gardens instead.

Being early Friday morning the park had few visitors. Two different times dads asked if their young daughters could pet the doggos. Absolutely. A good walk for all of us.

We got home from the park and I slow-rolled the van into the garage as usual, braked to a stop and moved the column shifter into park. The shift lever went into park but the dashboard pointer stayed in D. Hmmm….

The dogs were a bit antsy but I had to check that out. Yup. Shift lever moves through the gears but the pointer stays in D. I keyed the engine off then tried to start it. 'No crank' as I expected. Yup. Tranny was in gear. Bummer.

I hoped the problem is external to the transmission because $$$. A few seconds under the hood made me feel at least a little better.

The van is a '05 Chevy with low miles. I went inside and told Kim, then prepped for a bike ride. I pedaled to Al's Transmission, a mom-and-pop shop around seven blocks away. Al repaired one of my buggies back in the day, did good work.

Al was underneath, get this…, a '06 Chevy Corvette repairing a shift cable end that had come loose from the transmission lever. I swear I'm not making this up.

I'll drive the van down there and drop it off first thing Monday.

I then pedaled around the Quad Cities for a couple hours in the bright sunshine then corralled the trike. I ate lunch then mowed Kevin's yards. That was a busy enough day for me.


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