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July 16 - A Doggo Infestation

A few weeks ago the kitchen floor looked like this:

dog bowls

…which can only mean one thing:

an infestation of rare puppers. See for yourself:

Willow and Lydia

Image 1

Image 1 presents Willow in the partial sunshine and Lydia just being Lyds. Or, she may be a little upset with her favorite toy having been commandeered.

Kallisto and Mavis

Image 2

Image 2 presents Kallisto the Corgi resting her nose on Lydia's favorite toy. And Mavis is somehow comfortable while laying contorted on top of a slipper.

Keerahguin and Dio

Image the last.

In the final image we see KEER-ah-guin (correct spelling unknown) sitting on the hop-up-stool. She is just a pupper and so is still learning many things. Dionysus (Dio for short) the dachshund is relaxing in the La-Z-Boy.

There. I think that's all of 'em.


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