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June 4 - The Kid's Yard

Kyle's back is bothering him quite a bit and his yard needs some tlc. So two days ago (June 2) Kim and I brought our mower over to their place and got to work on the yard.

Back when we lived there I had SWAT duty (Seeds, Weeds And Trash) and kept the outside looking pristine. It was quite clear from a hundred feet away that SWAT duty has had a very low priority. I put two non-stop hours of effort into the place, I'll need at least another couple hours to get it near baseline. Not sure when that's gonna happen.

June 3 yesterday I spent the day decompressing after that yard work which hit me harder than I expected. Of course I felt guilty for not doin' things that really needed doin' but that's just how I roll, and probably always will.


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