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May 22 - My Trike

I've lost track of the thread for my trike and so will continue the narrative where I think I should. Some of this may be repeat info.

I vanned my trike to the dealer and had them take a look at it. They adjusted the tie-rod after using an extremely crude technique to measure toe-in. Their tech tested it in the parking lot, added more toe-in and tested again.

I test drove. In my opinion there was no improvement. Their final words on the matter were that I'd get used to it and that I couldn't ride one-handed. Both hands, all the time. I'd get used to it.

I found another bike shop that's an authorized dealer for the brand. Mom-and-pop owned. Great folks. Their jaws dropped when I described the above events.

Baloney, they said. They had the same issue on the same trike a few years ago. Ended up being a bad part which they replaced under warranty after some back-and-forth with the recalcitrant manufacturer. They pulled a brand new part out of the cobwebs and let me look at it. It may be just what's needed to fix my trike.

If I call ahead we can arrange a time when they can look at it. Will do.


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