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May 16 - Bike-a-Ride

We finally got out for a bike-a-ride. It was real swell.

It took Kim and I about 45 minutes to get the bikes and trailers ready. Kim's was ready before mine so she stuffed the JRTs into the kiddie trailer on the back of her bike and slowly trailered them around the yard in circles while I was getting ready.

When I was finally read I jammed Willow into the larger kiddie trailer attached to the back of my trike but she wasn't having it.

She tore a corner strap while pushing her way out of the trailer. Kim mended the strap and we tried again. She pushed her way out again.

So Kim and I and the terriers (tails wagging and all smiles inside the trailer) struck out for the walking\biking trail along the edge of the Mississippi, just eight blocks downhill from the house.

We biked along the trail for a bit then stopped under a tree, let the terriers hop out and walked them for a bit. Back into the trailer with no problems and rode along again. Repeat the process, like, four times I think.

No fuss no muss. We headed back home then chatted for a bit. Kim prepped the dogs for a trip to the animal chiro. They left for the chiro while I stayed behind and almost ruined the microwave.

tl;dr - Kim and I took the terriers for a bike ride along the river. We all had a lot of fun.


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