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Tue Jan 24 - The Cooler

As I mentioned in a previous article the first step in the computer project is to build a radiator. I've decided to call it a cooler instead of a radiator. I'll summarize why I'm doing this:

  • The computer will run hot whenever I'm flying
  • Hot computers are noisy because of all the cooling fans
  • Hot computers can overheat the room during the summer

So I need something that will:

  • Keep the computer cool
  • Be relatively quiet
  • Not overheat the room

The best way to accomplish all three is to use a cooler that's separate from the computer. I can't buy a cooler so I must design one and build it.

The cooler will be part of a cooling system. The system will be smart. Electronic circuits will monitor temps and automatically adjust the speed of cooling fans and a pump. This will reduce operating costs and keep things as quiet as possible. Here's what I have in mind:


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