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Mon Jan 23 - My Kingdom For a Fitting

Neighbor Kevin read my recent article on the craft room heater where I said I needed a certain fitting. He called my yesterday evening with suggestions on how to acquire said fitting. See, that type of stuff was how he earned a crust back in the day (he was an industrial controls guy and very good at it) so he had some very good suggestions.

So today I drove around town for a fitting. First stop: Graingers. They did some checking but couldn't help. Less than a mile away was Crescent. They checked, no fitting, and offered this suggestion:

“Ya take a short piece of rigid metallic tubing maybe a couple inches or so and thread yer half-inch conduit fitting into one end and yer 3/8 flex fitting into the other end. It'll be the same as what yer lookin' fer 'cept a little longer.”

My next stop was Van Meter. No fitting but he did offer a suggestion, “Take a short piece of rigid metallic tubing a few inches long and thread a half-inch conduit fitting….” Rather than cut him off I let him describe the same process I heard not more than ten minutes prior.

My final stop was Springfield. I showed my cell phone which had the picture from my blog article on it. He leaned forward, squinted at my phone, straightened up and said “No No no nope, don't have any of those and you probably won't find any in the Quad Cities.”


Kevin called me shortly after that. He was lookin' at a bunch of EBay vendors that had the fitting for sale at very good prices and that I could probably have a bunch of them in hand in a few days.

Now why didn't I think of that?

So tonight I'll order a baker's dozen of those bad boys and the next time I need such stuff my first step will be to call Kevin.


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