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Wed, Nov 30 - Water, Water, Everywhere

Ellen drinks tap water straight, we run ours through a cahbin filtah and chill it. The kids drink bottled water.

Tap water (on this side of the river anyway) has been funky lately. It says here (local TV station link) that the 'musty' taste and odor is because of increased organic counts in the river. The water company is tweaking their recipe of chemical additives and flushing water mains to make it better. Still safe to drink, they say.

This hydrograph (current version here (NWS link):

…probably doesn't mean much, it shows an arbitrary value of river depth from a few days ago to a 7-day forecast. Awhile back it was just below 4 feet for a few days.

From the QC to points North (the extent of my knowledge on the subject) the river depth in the channel is at least 9 feet so barge traffic can continue. So the dams are doing their job.

A month or so ago I found this map (brown is drought, blue is not):

Drought map
In this next map I crudely outlined the watershed that affects the river level in the QCA, it's the purple bit:

QC watershed
No surprise that precip must fall in south and central Minnesota and/or Wisconsin to raise the river. Maybe it's safe to say we're hosed and not hosed at the same time.


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