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Wed, Nov 23 - Van Brakes, Day 2

The passenger side brakes were worse than the driver side. I had to cut both caliper bolts. I slowly squeaked both bracket bolts out of the knuckle with a three foot breaker bar. So far so good.

That's when I discovered that the rotor was rusted to the knuckle. A few whacks with a hammer usually breaks a rotor free but not this time. I put in earplugs and whaled on that effin rotor with a 10 pound sledge until I grew tired of the game.

I ended up attaching two bolts to the knuckle and slowly tightening each one in turn. I put a lot of compression energy into those bolts but that rotor would not budge so help me. Finally the damn thing popped off the knuckle making a terrific crack noise.

Free at last!
I installed the new parts on the passenger side then I installed both wheels and dropped the van to the floor. I spent an hour or so cleaning up the garage and prepping for bleeding the brakes. I'm gonna bleed the entire system so as to remove all the old, existing fluid. That's a job for Thanksgiving Day.


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