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Sun, Nov 20 - Wiring the Craft Room Pt. 2 (Wiring the Partition)

I was about ten minutes into installing the GFCI outlet when I realized I made a mistake in installing the conduit for that outlet. So I spent an hour or so pulling out the wiring and conduit and re-doing that part of the install.

With the GFCI outlet installed I considered my next step. I thought it'd be best to return the craft room to working order because I hear Kim say “Cha-ching!” often enough. I think that's the subject line for the email or text she gets from Etsy telling her she sold another item. She has seven to box up and mail today.

So I roughed-in a connection between a power source and the big junction box, then connected it to the GFCI outlet. So there is now a working outlet in the craft room and one less extension cord. I then spent some time cleaning up and organizing things.


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